Our Story

Behind the brand

Juggling an active life is hard.

We totally get it - you're craving that freedom to enjoy quality time outdoors without the hassle.

That's why we designed the Attachdᵀᴹ Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt to free you from the burden of managing leashes and all your walking essentials.

Our goal? To connect you with the reliability you absolutely deserve.

So that you can focus on creating deeper, more meaningful connections with your companion, nature and your inner-self.

Imagine this: You, out-and-about, hands-free, stress-free.

No more tangled leashes or awkward juggling acts.

Just you and your dog, enjoying a carefree stroll, an afternoon jog or an adventurous hike.

We know your time together is precious.

We're here to make it more memorable.


"To strengthen the connection between companion, nature and inner-self".

As a toddler mum, business owner and active dog mum - I needed all the help I could get balancing work and life commitments to enjoy more enriching adventures.

After 18 months of meticulous craftsmanship and determination, I set the bar high to develop the best hands-free dog walking solution on the market.

And now, The Attachd Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt is here.

Ready for you to build a deeper connection with your loyal companion, the natural world, and your inner self.

- Mikaela

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