Can I use the hands-free dog walking belt with any leash?

Any handled leash except a retractable leash (for obvious reasons) will be suitable for the belt.

We recommend a leash length no longer then 1.5m.

Ideal length is 1.2m - 1.3m

Is the belt adjustable for different waist sizes?

Yes, the belt will fit a 75cm - 120cm waist or hip circumference.

Is the belt suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

The belt is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes that you can control.

Can I use the belt if my dog pulls?

In short, it depends what you can handle.

When running with your dog, slight tension on the leash is helpful to minimise any excess leash hanging causing a potential trip hazard.

We advise to only attach what you can control.

Can I use the belt for running or jogging with my dog?


One of the core reasons we designed this belt was to make it easier for dogs and their owners to stay active together.

The adjustable sizing allows you to firmly secure the belt to your preferred waist or hip position without any distracting bounce.

Whilst also catering to all your storage needs while out and about.

Including leaving your hands liberated for the moments that really matter - like perfecting your stride or sipping your coffee.

Are there any safety features included with the belt?

The leash attachment system is designed to release the leash in a split second.

It does require you to pull away from your body to release the buckle.

Upon your belt arriving, you will receive a safety demonstration detailing how to use the belt safely and enjoyably.

What's the best leash length for running with my dog?

We recommend using a leash no longer than 1.5m as the excess length can be a trip hazard.

We have found 1.2 to 1.3m leashes to be the sweet spot for medium to large breeds.

I have two large dogs, can I walk both of them on the belt?

The belt is capable of withstanding a static load of 370kg.

Please ensure you attach what you can control.

How do I clean and maintain the Attachd belt?

We're all about making life easier.

A antibacterial wipe over the surfaces of the belt will do the trick as the fabric is waterproof.

Should I use a bungee leash with the belt?

It's up to you and depends on your connection with your dog.

Bungee or stretch leashes can be useful to reduce the jolt from a dog pulling.

However, it also can reduce the control you have over your dog.

Please ensure you only attach what you can control.

What will fit inside the belt?

Great question!

All of the below:

  • Phone (iPhone Max +)
  • Poop bags
  • Airpods/Earphones
  • Keys
  • Credit Cards
  • Treats (approx 1 handful)

There is a key hook or plenty of space for some smaller additional items to join the phone in the zipper pocket due to the 4-way stretch fabric.

Is the belt really waterproof?

Yes, our fabric is made with a PU lamination between the stretch fabric meaning the water will not go through.

So you're safe for the beach trips or if you're a big sweater!

How does the hands-free dog walking belt work?

The hands-free dog walking belk works by simply loping any handled leash onto the leash attachment system and connecting the magnetic fidlock buckle to it's base.

You'll hear a nice "click" when the buckle is locked into place.

The leash can slide freely from 180 degrees from left to right which reduces any twisting or movement of the belt position.

The buckle releases quickly by lightly pulling the reflective safety tag. You can view the belt in action here.

What materials is the belt made of, and is it durable?

Durable, yes.

We made sure of it.

The belt fabric consists of 75% nylon 25% spandex with PU lamination. This gives it the stretchy pocket option but also ensures no water gets through to your essentials.

The webbing is made of Nylon - the strongest webbing type available.

The Fidlock buckle (which connects the leash attachment system) has a static load capacity of 370kg.

What is your return and exchange policy for the hands-free dog walking belt?

We get that hands-free is not for everyone.

You can review our returns policy here.