The Most Comfortable Hands-Free Dog Walking & Running Belt

Attach any handled leash, safely and comfortably store your walking or running essentials with our unique sweat-proof, bounce-free belt design.

never leave a loved one behind

A belt designed for any breed.

With 370kg of engineer-tested load capacity, the Attachdᵀᴹ Belt design is reinforced with nylon webbing that secures any handled lead.

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unlock stress-free adventures.

Safety first, always.

Equipped with a self-locking leash attachment system designed to easily attach (and detach) any handled leash in seconds.

unlock stres-free adventures

Safety first, always.

Equipped with a self-locking leash attachment system designed to easily attach (and detach) any handled leash in seconds.

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Your essentials at hand.

Five flat-lay stretch pockets.

From keys to cards, poop bags to dog treats, our hands-free belt has you sorted.

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Find your fit

Adjustable sizing to fit 70cm to 120cm.

Plus an adjustable leash attachment so you can keep them close or give them more freedom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Abby Harris
Amazing belt! Don’t wait to get one!

I’ve tried a few hands free dog belts and this is by far the best. It’s SO comfortable and easy to use and adjust. My dog used to pull my back out before on other products, this one there’s no yanking or sore backs! Very easy to clip and unclip as well. I like how the leash can move from side to side with out twisting my body! Highly recommend you won’t regret the investment in this belt!

The best purchase ever

Be warned: you won’t be able to stop walking your dog!! This has been an absolute game changer for me. I love nothing more than time with my golden retriever, however he is a big boy and very strong. This has removed all effort from the walks and has just made the time together so much easier and enjoyable. I also feel like I can keep him safe as the hip/body strength vs my arms is non-comparable! Will be recommending to anyone and everyone. Thank you for making such an amazing product! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


Love love love!
I don’t know if my dog or I was more excited about this belt.
This belt outdid all my expectations, it is so comfy as it is well padded and super user friendly. I was hesitant about the quick release feature as I didn’t want my dog to be get loose if they suddenly pulled but this is not the case. It is very well designed that it withstands the jerking pull of a dog, but I can also quickly release it if needed.
I use it for walking and running with my very excitable golden retriever and for general dog walking with a couple of dogs attached.
Highly recommend!!

Shannon Baehre
Game changer

I got this belt as I love to run with my two dogs. I did see it on instagram and was apprehensive on quality and accuracy in the description of the product.
This belt is a total game changer. The quality is high, it comfortable, and it looks great. I haven't had such an enjoyable run with my dogs than I did yesterday when I tried it for the first time.
Thank you very much for making it an absolute joy to run with my pooches.
You're truly encouraging a healthy active lifestyle with our dogs regardless of how your dog walks or runs on a lead.
Will be recommending.

Chantelle, Bambi & Ariel
OBSESSED! Walk, Run... Buy IT!

I am obsessed with our walk/run belt! It has completely transformed our walks, turning them from a battle filled with frustration into a joyful, enjoyable walk. The belt is incredibly comfortable, and I find wearing it around my waist is perfect for me. The best part is being hands-free!

With two large female flat-coated retrievers, my husband was initially sceptical about the belt handling their pull weight. However, he was pleasantly surprised and even noticed the girls walking better on the lead. We've already started training for runs with my older girl, and this belt is amazing for it. Highly recommend this belt for a more enjoyable walk experience!

I have also started training my older girl for running, and our belt has made this transition so easy. Being hands-free allows me to focus on her rather than worrying about the lead pulling back and forth with my hand movements while running. The belt's design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both of us.

Cannot recommend this belt enough, buy it! You would regret it.

Created by Aussie mum, active dog owner and adventure seeker.

After 18 months of meticulous craftsmanship and determination, I set the bar high to develop the best hands-free dog walking solution on the market.

And now, The Attachd Hands-Free Dog Belt is here.

Ready for you to build a deeper connection with your loyal companion, the natural world, and your inner self.


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